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  • “I just wanted to say I’ve never received an order from any store as fast as I did from you. WOW!!! that was very impressive. Great service.” -Janien E.
  • “I walked out of my apartment this morning & there was a box on my doorstep. What do you know, it was the Red Currant candle! You are so very nice to have sent it so fast. Thank you so very much, I will never buy a candle from anyone else but you!” -Alisa B.
  • “I just wanted to thank you for such fast and courteous service. My wick trimmers are great . You will definitely get my patronage again. Great product,service and a job beautifully done!!!! Dave Adams , you get an A+++ for service. Thank you.” -Stanley I.
  • “I really appreciate your great customer service. You will always be my source for Lampe Berger oil.” – Debbie S.
  • “Thank you so much for all your help. I will certainly order for you all again soon. Your communication is fabulous and customer service fantastic!” -Laura
  • “Every time I am in Annapolis, your store is a MUST. This is the only place on-line that I purchase candles. I love your selection and recommendations.” -Christina G., CA
  • “I will be a Candles Off Main customer (forever!) and I will let all my friends know about your website as well. Thank you again and again. You’ve made me smile and smile.” -Rebekah C.
  • “I have been so happy with every order from your store. Everything arrives promptly and I can tell the items have been packed with extra care. I will continue to order from you for a long time. Thanks!” -Karen C
  • 5.0 of 5 stars on Yelp. “Absolutely knocks a Yankee candle off the map. These guys know what they are doing! Ask a question about a candle and get an answer! I have purchased from here three times and they are the best.” -Scott B.
  • “Thank you for your great service and I look forward to smelling new samples.” -Jamie W., CA
  • “Love your customer service and personal touches!! God bless you and your business!!” -Wanda W., NC
  • “Today I purchased some candles at your store, including the “chill out” candle. I was very impressed (and relieved) to find the matches at the bottom of the bag.  I wouldn’t have been able to light my much needed candle. Very thoughtful and right on.”  -Andrea
  • “Thanks for the nice product and excellent service!” -Tom T., TX
  • “Thanks so much for posting the video about how to use a Lampe Berger. I was given one last week and love it, and your video explained it really well. All the best from London UK!” -Sarah
  • “I received my order today. I am so pleased as usual!!!! I want to ‘Thank You’ so much for the gifts you included what a surprise!! Shopper forever, love your products I need to try some new stuff next time.” -Cathie C., IL
  • “Love getting my products in the mail! Opening the box and finding a cool card and your stick matches, well that was a cool surprise! Great and easy to navigate website!” -Cheryl T., CA
  • “Always a pleasure to order from you – quality service with a ‘personal’ touch. Keep up the awesome customer service!” -Nancy D, NJ
  • “I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. I received my third order from you today. Your quality products and excellent service have always exceeded my expectations on all levels, and your free shipping with a $50+ order is an additional reason why I gravitate towards your website whenever I need to stock up on candles.  I love and know your site so well, that I don’t even have to bookmark it.  You’re my #1 choice for candles.  Keep up the great service!” -Michelle H.
  • “You are my favorite online retailer, superior customer service.” -Annie C.
  • “I recently placed an order for the first time with your company. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the speedy delivery, the fine packaging, (right down to the matches envelope), and most of all, the hand-signed card you included with my order.  Nice.  Classy.  I will definitely shop with you again!” -Cindi H.
  • “I have ordered from your company twice in the last 30 days and have been so impressed with the terrific service.” -Robin P.
  • “You guys are awesome! I ordered my stuff on Friday and I got them on Monday…wow what a service. Thank you very much. I will be shopping with you all the time.” -Angel F.
  • “Your customer service is VERY impressive, and that is saying lot these days.” -Jo Ann S.
  • “I just wanted to say Thank you. I received the candle today, I was very shocked I really did not expect for it to go out yesterday to say the least but definitely did was not anticipating the arrival in one day. I don’t purchase candles much but I will make sure to keep your website handy for times when I do.   I hope you and your family have a blessed and wonderful Holiday.” -Brandi R.
  • “I am a first time customer. I placed my order yesterday and it arrived today! Thank you for the prompt service, lovely packaging and holiday note. I am very pleased with my purchase and hope to be able to visit your shop sometime when I am in Annapolis.” -Christin H.
  • “I want you to know how pleased I am with my order. You delighted me with the quick delivery, special packaging, personal note, and the lovely touch of including the matches. The next time I am in Annapolis, I will stop by the shop. Thank you so very much.” -Charlotte E.
  • “Wow. That was quick. Best customer service I have ever received. Thank you.” -Marguerite S., MI
  • “Your company is the best. I have told all my friends that use Lampe Berger products about your website. Your service is great.” -Debbie S.
  • “I have been very pleased with how well your business is run and it has been a pleasure purchasing items from you’all.” -Stephanie J., PA
  • “Thank you for sending me the great candles, and the sample one!!! I love it, and you provide great customer service!!! I’m sure I will be a customer for life!!” -Jayne M.
  • “Thank you for the attention you gave to my purchase of candles. The package arrived in a very timely manner (considering I ordered on line Sat afternoon and they were here Tuesday!). The care you gave to packing them with the little touch of including matches really meant a lot. I was impressed and have told at least a dozen people about it today. Maybe I need to get a life – anyway – it was a great experience ordering from you.”  -Beth K.
  • “Thank you for the prompt delivery of our internet order from your store. It was such a pleasure to open the professionally packed box of candles. I felt you took extra time to protect our items. It was obvious that you cared how our purchase would look when it arrived at our door. The extra touches add so much, the box of matches and a personally signed note card.  This is rare in our rush to get things done type of society.  We love the candles and I look forward to ordering from you again.”  -Brenda J., CT
  • “My order arrived. Beautifully packed, personalized thank you note, even complimentary matches! Thank you for the special attention. I will be sure to order again from you.” – Mayra O.
  • “Thank you so much. The bayberry candles I ordered arrived in plenty of time and were exactly what I wanted. They are a memory from my childhood and a family tradition I have kept for 60 years. In the past I have had to do a lot of shopping and calling to find true bayberry candles.  The internet made it so much easier and I was able to do business with nice people like you.  Thank you again and Happy New Year.” -Pamela B.
  • “I received my order of 6 Votivo candles today. They were so nicely packed and arrived so quickly. What a nice surprise to also receive a hand written Thank you note and matches ( they are not as easy to come by with so many less smokers)! Thank you very much and Happy Holidays to you.” -Lynda T., PA
  • “I have just received my 10″ bayberry candles. They look fantastic and the smell is just great. My Christmas will be complete this year because of the smell. Thanks for the wonderful candles. I hope that you will have good holidays as well.” -Robert Z.
  • “On July 30th I placed an order for two candles. Today, August 1st I received them. I can’t believe how quickly they were shipped and you kept me informed the whole time. WHOLE TIME!!! It was one day. Thank you for your unbelievable service and I will be sure to go to your site again when I need candles.  P.S.  Thanks for the matches also.” -Veronica K.
  • “I love my clean air [soy] candles from Vermont They are, by far, more superb and more superior than others I have tried. I already placed an order for more, and I am planning to place orders not only for myself, but to give them out as stocking suffers for Christmas!  My twin sister is coveting my candles, and the matches already:) Thank you for ending my search.  You have a customer for life!” -Sandra T., NJ
  • “It is truly a pleasure to do business with you. When you get to the point in life when you can allow yourself these little luxuries it’s sure nice to be treated in this way. Thank you and have a great weekend.” -Mayra B., FL
  • “I just thought I would take a moment to let you know my order for two Anthousa diffusers arrived today. The shipping and packaging was just great. Two days via UPS, I couldn’t believe it. But more importantly, I wanted you to know the shipment was packed beautifully.  It was like opening a Christmas present!!!  I wish I lived closer to come browse the store, but the web site will have to do for now.”  -Audrey C.
  • “Thank you for the extremely quick ship. I received my order at work yesterday and was ecstatic. I can now burn the vanilla that I love so much but am unable to purchase locally. I will be back!! Thank-you so much again and best of luck in your business.” -Sabrina
  • “I wanted to take a moment to commend Candles Off Main. I placed an order from your company Dec 17th I believe, with free shipping. Not only did I receive the order in plenty of time for Christmas, it arrived packaged extremely well for protection, and included a thank you note with matches.  I found this to be a great personal touch, the small stuff really does matter.  I have recommended your company and provided the website to friends and family members.  It’s nice to see in this day and age a company who demonstrates the importance of a customer by their actions.  Keep up the good work.” -Mary B
  • “Hi, I received my order and I am so happy! thank you. I love the cypress scent and I can not find it anywhere here in San Diego so I was so happy to find your website.” -Jamie W.
  • “I love you and thank you!! You are so good to me.” -Sally C.
  • “I received my order today – in perfect condition! Excellent service. Great candles. Merry Christmas!” -Judy S.
  • “I never liked candles because they always seemed to be so strong that they gave me a headache. This past summer I came into your store with a friend who was familiar with your products. I purchased a diffuser which has helped tremendously with dog odors in the house. Then I purchased the Anthousa candle for my kitchen. I recently used it while cooking for a holiday dinner. It was fabulous. It really got rid of the odor without being too powerful. Now I am sold on the products and could never buy just any ordinary candle in a store. You have a great store and I’m so glad I found you. The few times I’ve been in the store everyone was so helpful. It’s nice to know if I can’t get down to Annapolis that I can order what I need online. Thank you again!!!!!” -Barb G.
  • “I thank you for the opportunity to shop at the best candle store in the USA” – Kay T.
  • “Your customer service is FANTASTIC!!!” – Beverly P.
  • “The candles arrived yesterday, and they’re gorgeous. Thanks for the great service.” – Mary S.
  • “Just letting you know that this order was received in perfect shape (even with the hot weather!), and thank you so much for the careful packing, quick shipping, and all the samples! I was really taken back.” – Melissa M.
  • “I wanted to be sure and tell you what an awesome job you guys do and what a pleasure it is to do business with you. Each order is always packed to perfection and never fails to be exactly right!” – Chuck K.
  • “I have to say that your packaging and presentation were so extraordinarily elegant and thoughtful, I simply had to step out and thank you. Perfect and beautiful! And all this just for a standard shipment in the mail– whoda thunk it!! Thank you so much. I will never order another candle again from anyone but Candles Off Main, and I will be certain to recommend you and your business when ever and where ever possible.” – Andrew K.
  • “I would just like to thank you for your great customer service. I ordered the candle from you for my sister’s birthday. I was skeptical of the wrapping job when I asked for it to be wrapped. Jenna sent me a nice note and my gift was wrapped beautifully. Thank you so much for your great service!” – Jennifer B.
  • “Exceptional service should never go unnoticed. I placed an online order with Candles Off Main yesterday afternoon and received my order today. Packed with great care and detail, at the top of the contents was a card with a “thank you” from John. To say I am thrilled with the level of service and detail involved with this transaction is an understatement.” – Patty H.
  • ” I love to find the best and I have with buying my candles and diffusers from you!” – Joy B.
  • “Have ordered from several other places in the past. Your presentation of the merchandise (tissue, card, etc.) was above and beyond expectations. Too, note from John gave a nice personal touch. I will order from you again.” – Melinda M.
  • “I just wanted to say that I received my order today and was totally impressed by the packaging. The order is correct and nothing is broken, a major victory these days. Thank you for your promptness and the thank you card was a very very nice touch. We shall do business again and I will recommend you to my friends.” – Cathy K.

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