Trapp No. 04 Orange Vanilla Wax Melts


Orange Vanilla Trapp wax melts offer the essence of whole orange complimented by a roasted vanilla bean extract. 2.6 oz soy wax blend. Provides 30 hours of fragrance when used with a tart burner (not included). Made in the USA.


These cutting edge Trapp wax melts are the latest offering in luxury home fragrance.

Designed to be blended, Trapp home fragrance melts offer different sized wax pieces to get just the right amount for your needs. Create your own signature blend by combining two or more Trapp fragrance.

Try Trapp Orange Vanilla with Sexy Cinnamon, Mandarin Goji or Macintosh. With so many great Trapp fragrances to choose from, possibilities are endless!


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