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Real Bayberry Taper Candles 6-inch

Real Bayberry Taper Candles 6-inch


These true bayberry wax candles are sold by the pair (2 candles). They are attached at the wick as they are hand-dipped with real bayberry wax and just a touch of beeswax for strength. All-natural. No artificial colors or fragrances added. Cotton wick.

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Product Description

“A bayberry candle, burned to the socket, puts luck in the home, food in the larder, and gold in the pocket.” – a New England tradition

Bayberry candles are made from the wax of the bayberry plant that grows in New England and in the Southeast. They are traditionally burned on Christmas Eve and/or New Years Eve for good luck for the coming year. Light your bayberry candle late in the afternoon and allow it to burn down completely. You may see a light white coating that is a natural tendency for these all-natural candles. You can buff them back to a sheen with a soft cloth.

Please note: These candles are not artificially scented. The only fragrance is from the natural bayberry wax.


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