Mer-Sea Splendide Sandbag Candle


[CITRUS, ENERGY] Sweet orange blossoms, tangy lemons, fresh lime with light musk.

 Life is splendide, indeed! Our inspiration for Splendide is the west coast orchards— FRESH – CITRUS ZEST. This scent is punctuated by an abundance of citrus—sweet orange blossoms, clementines, lemons and tangy limes. Softened by freesia and a light musk. 7oz. candles offer approximately 50 hours of burn time.

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Our classic 7 oz. candles are poured in sheer, luminescent glass vessels that can be repurposed as beautiful votive candle holders. Candles are thoughtfully packaged in reusable canvas bags, perfect for collecting seashells and treasures. Our signature, uplifting gift tag makes the Sandbag candle a perfect gift. Hand-poured in the USA using essential oils and fine fragrances, we use a clean-burning soy wax blend with an all cotton, lead-free wick. Our 7oz. candles offer approximately 50 hours of burn time.


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