Mer-Sea Holiday Saltaire Sweater Bag Candle


[Mineral] The healing powers of salty air has been known since the beginning of time and Mer-Sea wanted to capture that smell. Citrus, jasmine and sweet wood with a hint of rich bamboo deliver this spicy mineral scent that is reminiscent of being by the sea.

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Mer-Sea’s classic sweater bag candle is inspired by holiday stockings and warm winter socks. Mer-Sea’s 7 oz. candles are poured in sheer, luminescent glass vessels that can be repurposed as beautiful votive candle holders. Hand-poured in the USA using essential oils and fine fragrances, Mer-Sea uses a clean-burning soy wax blend with an all cotton, lead-free wick. 7oz. candles offer approximately 50 hours of burn time.


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