Belle Fleur Cacao Tabaq Candle


Sultry and irresistible. Cocoa, tobacco leaf and ebony wood warmed with a touch of roasted espresso. 7.5 oz / 210 g. 45-50 hour burn time. Cotton wick. Made in the USA.


Native to the deep tropical regions of the Americas, the beans of the cacao tree offer an intense earthy chocolate aroma. A robust espresso accord powers the fragrance to a sumptuous complexity, while a sprinkling of sweet golden honey adds a lusty richness that is hunger inspiring. Add to this the unique, smokey balm of Arabian fire-cured tobacco leaves and Cacao Tabaq defines sultry, exotic romance. This one will always leave you with the desire for more.

  • Top notes: Rich Tobacco Leaf, Chestnut Honey, Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Middle notes: Espresso Bean, Bittersweet Cocoa, Amber Crystals
  • Base notes: Smoked Ebonywood, Vanilla Bean, White Patchouli


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